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Whole Foods Market® Shoppers Donate More Than $1.4 Million for Salad Bars in Schools

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Press Release Source: Whole Foods Market On Wednesday October 13, 2010, 2:21 pm EDT

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Whole Foods Market (Nasdaq:WFMI – News) is pleased to announce that its shoppers donated more than $1.4 million after a seven-week fundraising campaign to improve school lunches through the Salad Bar Project. As the nation celebrates National School Lunch Week (Oct. 10-16), it is clear that parents and advocates are ready for healthy items to be added to the menu.

Whole Foods Market joined forces with Chef Ann Cooper’s non-profit, Food Family Farming Foundation (F3), to help bring fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy proteins to school lunch programs through an online grant process. The generous donations from Whole Foods Market’s customers will fund 570 salad bars for schools across the country.

“The overwhelming support our shoppers have shown for the Salad Bar Project is heartwarming, just plain amazing,” said Walter Robb, co-CEO for Whole Foods Market. “We nearly doubled the original fundraising goal, so it’s clear our customers share our passion for supporting more nutritious offerings in school lunchrooms across the country.”

Schools can apply for a grant for a free salad bar kit at through Nov. 15, 2010. Applicants must participate in the National School Lunch Program, be located within a 50-mile radius of any Whole Foods Market and demonstrate a commitment to sustaining a healthy cafeteria salad bar for two school years., which provides tangible solutions for making healthier, fresh and “made-from-scratch” food available to schoolchildren across the country, will help support the initiative through online support tools.

“We believe America has spoken loudly with their generous support. They want healthier food in all schools,” said Chef Ann Cooper. “It just makes common sense. Salad bars not only provide fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy proteins but help boost student performance in school while also benefitting their health,” said Cooper.

F3, the granting institution, will collect and approve school applications. Each school will need approval from its district superintendent, school principal and nutrition services director. Grant awards will be based on need, potential for impact, commitment to the program and potential for future viability when the grant period has ended. Grant recipients will be announced on Jan. 15.

Contact:, 617.492.5500 x3139

Jen Marshall: 303.449.2108 x 18

Five Ways to Improve Your Health Today

Friday, October 8th, 2010

By Heather Rudalavage, Registered Dietitian

How many times have you said to yourself, “I want to get healthier, I want to have more energy, but I just donʼt know where I would find the time?” Here are 5 things you can start doing today to feel better tomorrow. They donʼt take much time, money or willpower, but will add up to a better feeling YOU.

1. Get more sleep. Okay, so this does require a bit more time on your part. You probably know that less sleep means less energy, but did you know that people who get less sleep are also more prone to obesity? Apparently, our bodies are busy breaking down fats whilst we dream.

2. Put your sneakers on every day. I am not saying you have to take 10,000 steps or jog a 14 minute mile, just put some walking shoes on and go out the front door. The walking is the easy part, for most people putting on their shoes and going out the door is the biggest challenge. Once you are outside with your sneakers on, you will
find it easy to start walking – I promise!

3. Slow down when you eat. You may have heard that there is a twenty minute delay between your stomach being full and your brain sending out a signal to stop eating. This is true! That is just one reason why by slowing down, you will eat less. There are
other benefits to slowing down as well, like allowing you to savor the flavors, aroma and even the presentation of a meal. Eating should be more of an experience, not just a chow fest! There is a reason why the French have less obesity in their country, and itʼs not just the wine.

4. Drink more H2O. Did you know that feeling thirsty means you are already dehydrated? Being in a chronic state of dehydration can make you feel sluggish, headachy, and can cause constipation. It can also make you feel hungry when really you are thirsty. By drinking water all day with a goal of 6-8 glasses you can prevent dehydration. Youʼll be amazed at how much better you feel.

5. Make one small change to your diet and stick to that change until it becomes a habit. Making one small change to your diet, such as, swapping half of your carbs for whole grains, cutting back or eliminating soda, using smaller plates or adding an extra fruit into your daily intake can make a big difference over time. Once your change has
become routine or habit, then add another change. Within 3 months you will have racked up between 3 to 12 small changes that will equal you feeling like a new person!

These are just a few ways to start improving the way you feel. Creating a healthier lifestyle doesnʼt have to mean doing a complete 180 from where you are now. Research shows that by consistently making small changes you will begin to feel better, but more importantly, you are more likely to stick with the changes you have already made. Slow and steady wins the race!