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Crystals: Powerful Tools of Transformation for Ushering in the New Age

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Have you noticed how time seems to be speeding up? What you did just weeks ago seems like months, and it feels like we’re on a roller coaster, mostly on the way down! There may be a “logical” reason for this, as we approach the culmination phase of what the creators of the Mayan calendar might have called “the end of time”. Over a thousand years ago, they mapped out a calendar, using their knowledge of astronomy and astrology (the two were one and the same in the Western world until not long ago), which describes a time line from the creation of the Universe (Big Bang theory), some 15 billion years ago, to our present time, in the year 2012. The system is fairly straightforward, stating that from the beginning, time has been divided into 13 ages which all culminate in 2012, but in each one the speed of time is 20 times faster than the preceding one, and the length of the age is 20 times shorter that its predecessor.

What does this all mean for us? Since 1999 we have been in the second to the last age, which lasts only 12 years. During this time, the digital era has taken us for an incredible roller coaster ride, with technological advances being made faster than we can keep up with them. In the age preceding this one, which lasts some 250 years or so, the advances were much slower to come about, but still much faster than the age preceding it. Before that, things happened at an even slower rate, and the age lasted about 5100 years. This is all to say,
that we are natural beings in a natural world, responding to the natural unfolding of a time line that was started 15 or 16 billion years ago, and that was mapped out by the Mayan people, possibly to make sure that we, in this crucial time, are aware of this and will act consciously rather than react to a world that seems to have gone crazy.

In more practical terms, this signifies that we, human beings across the Earth, are in the middle of a process of time acceleration, and time, as the fourth dimension, is affecting everything that is happening to us and to the Earth. As we move into the final age, which starts in November of 2010 and lasts until October of 2011, time will accelerate again and things will happen 20 times faster than they are now.
The natural and man-made disasters that we have been witnessing in the past 12 years may become even more intense, and certain beings who want to control the outcome of this time line will trigger traumatic events in order to keep the power that they have been mongering for the past 6000 years. But this does not mean the end of the world,
quite to the contrary. I am not a soothsayer, but I know deep within me that we are at the dawn of a new age, and that the way to usher in this age is to embrace the values it embodies, such as brotherly love, compassion and peace towards all beings, human or not.
The raising of the level of consciousness of the general population is inevitable, and anyone who tries to manipulate the unfolding of the world events to their egotistical advantage, will need to come to terms with their inner self – and if they resist the tsunami of awareness
taking place on the planet at this moment, they will be swept away into the vast ocean of human awakening in spite of their will to control the world.

How can we, as individuals, survive the onslaught of craziness, and step into the fruition of our spiritual awakening?

First, the less we “buy into” the doom and gloom end-of-the-world scenarios that the powers-that-be would like us to believe, the better. Our energy is needed to build healthy, happy societies, not to cower in fear at what “might” happen, according to the “authorities” claiming to have a direct line to a future dictated by the results of a supposed apocalypse.

Second, it is absolutely vital that we each become keenly aware of what it is that we came here to do, and then start doing it, if we haven’t already done so. If you feel you are languishing away in a job
that has no real interest to you other than paying the bills, and your energy is down because of it, by all means, get away from it. We all need to have activities and interests that nourish our creativity and motivate us to move in a positive way, and if what we are doing is taking that away, it is not serving our best interest. As long as you open up to your inner self and learn to trust what it is telling you, you will be guided to the place/job/activity that is best suited for your talents. Easier said than done? Yes and no. The only real thing preventing you from doing this is your own resistance to change. So yes, it’s not always easy to go against your belief system, and if that belief system is serving you well, fine. But if it is making you believe
that the only way to survive in this world is to have a job that you don’t like, and that you’re lucky to have it because you have no real talents, and because the economy is so bad, etc., etc., then it is not serving you.

Third, we need to learn to love ourselves for who we are. No matter what “flaws” we think we have, be they physical or emotional handicaps, a crooked nose or a bad temper, they are part of us, and have served us in some way, even if we can’t seem to figure out how. When we love ourselves for who we are, those parts that we held in contempt for so long are finally recognized, and we become whole again. Then, we are able to see what gifts they brought us, and love them for that.

Crystals, one of Nature’s perfect creations, are amazing tools to use in our quest for self-awareness.They allow the transformation process to be accelerated because of the nature of their particular molecular makeup. Because of their structure, crystals pull low-frequency vibrations into their field and change their frequency through a
process called resonance. This is similar to when a musical note is played in a room full of stringed instruments, and the strings of all the instruments tuned to that frequency start to vibrate. The frequencies of the vibrations that are emitted by the crystal from its point or apex are higher and more balanced than the original vibration, and they cause the other vibrations present to start vibrating at higher frequencies. This is called entrainment.

Crystals can be used in many ways, and most people are familiar with putting them on or around the body, on the chakras or energy centers and in different strategic places around the body. I was taught by a French meta-physicist, 20 some years ago, how to use them to interact with the Human Energy Field in order to promote healing and well-being. I have since modified the techniques I learned and adapted
them to my own process, which involves the use of Medical Intuition to assess the physical and spiritual bodies of the individual. I then use the crystals to balance and energize the chakras, charge the actual organs and physiological systems of the body, align the spiritual bodies, transform “negative” energy into positive, repair energy leaks, etc. This process is akin to psychic surgery in many ways. Just one crystal therapy session can be a serious boost toward re-alignment with
your inner self and the realization of your dreams.

I am available to see clients in my new office in Trolley Square, in a space that I share with several holistic health practitioners, called “Healing Spaces”. If you are interested in having a consciousness-boosting, energy-giving, health-promoting session with me, please give me a call at (302) 507-6548, or email me at Also, you can visit my website at

Sarah Dickinson Murray,
Natural Health Consultant and Medical Intuitive,
founder of Pure Healing Insight, LLC