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Staying Healthy during Flu Season

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

NOV 4 Conshohocken: Dr. Linda Baker, Holistic Pediatrician
(Staying Healthy during Flu Season)

Please join us in Conshohocken for a timely seminar:
How to Keep Your Family Healthy During Flu Season

A free health education series

How Strong Is YOUR Immune System?

-Staying healthy during Flu Season –
presented by
Linda Baker, MD
Homeopathic Pediatrician

Founder of Wellspring Center in Plymouth Meeting, a holistic health practice, Dr. Baker treats and provides health education programs for adult patients and children who want to use natural ways to optimize their health. She devotes a significant part of her practice to children with developmental disorders and chronic health conditions. In addition to using herbs and homeopathy, Dr. Baker places great emphasis on nutrition. In her words: “Sound nutrition is necessary for healing and for disease PREVENTION”.

Due to hectic lifestyles, poor food choices, STRESS and over reliance on meds, our families are being diagnosed, more than ever, with immune dysfunction, e.g., Influenza. Other preventable diseases, like obesity and diabetes, are reaching epidemic proportions. We can reverse the trend. Join us for this insightful program.

Wed., November 4th – 7 p.m.
(Doors open at 6:30 PM)

Spring Mill Corporate Center Auditorium
1100 E. Hector St., Conshohocken, PA 19428

Safe, convenient parking directly in front of
entrance at 1100 E. Hector St.

For information and/or complimentary tickets please contact:
Mercedes at 215-681-5369 or
RSVP no later than Monday November 2.
Seating is limited to 50.

Flu and Vaccinations

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Hello All, Bonjour à Tous,

By writing this email, I am trying to make people aware of the possibility of a flu pandemic that could be made much worse by the vaccination which is scheduled to take place all over the world, in schools, clinics, hospitals, etc., starting in just a few weeks. Jane Burgermeister, a scientific journalist living in Vienna, Austria, has done a lot to bring this into the public eye – for this, she has lost her job, as many people seem to have a vested interest in the continuation of this well-planned, massive, world-wide vaccination. For our good? Highly doubtful. Please take a look at her website, and do your own investigations – your lives may depend on getting enough people aware of this possibility, and by refusing to take a vaccine which could actually harm us more than help us.

Et pour mes amis francophones, je vous encourage de vous informer sur les vrais motifs derrière ce vaccin, qui, d’après des papiers officiels du Ministère de la Santé (dont j’ai copie, si vous êtes intéressés), sera administré de force ou de gré, sur la population française d’ici le mois d’octobre ou novembre. Et n’oubliez pas de regarder le site de Jane Burgemeister: – je pense qu’une traduction pourrait être demandée, ou peut-être parmi vous y aurait-il un traducteur potentiel?…

Restons en bonne santé, pour toujours!

Let’s stay healthy through this all!


Sarah Dickinson Murray, NHC,
founder of Pure Healing Insight, LLC
1708 Lovering Avenue, Suite 201
Wilmington, DE 19806
(302) 507-6548